What can you expect?

After an argument with his sister, Hugor hid her glass ball somewhere in Comines. To retrieve it, she must complete 2 missions, finding a statue each time.
So you can choose between 2 outdoor escape games. 


Your mission starts at 10:00 or 10:30.  After a short instruction all of you will leave by bike and one of you will get the escape box.  

Along the way you will have to enter online codes or open a padlock of the escape box.  Each riddle will bring you closer to the location of one of the two statues.   Each mission can be played separately.   If you successfully complete the second mission, the location of the glass ball will be revealed.  

There is no time pressure.    We don't expect you back before 18:00.   This gives you the opportunity to discover the beautiful places of Comines and its boroughs at your leisure.     Each mission quest is approximately 25 km. 



What to bring ?

- Your own bike (with well inflated tires and a full battery if it is an electric bike) 

  If you can't bring your own bike, you can rent one from us at 25 euro/piece and 50 euro warranty/bike.


- Your smartphone with a good mobile internet connection and a fully charged battery.   A powerbank can be handy.      

2 things are important to do in advance:

* Download an app to read QR codes.  It may be possible that you need a google account to read the QR-codes.  (smartphone to smartphone)

* Download the app Actionbound.

- Your picnic because there isn't a food- or drinketablissment the first hours of your tour.

- Your mouth mask.   Forgot your mask?   For 1 euro each you can get one from us.


- Please pay in cash.    We also ask a deposit of 100 euro and 50 euro per rented bike.  


What if I can't solve a riddle?

Some riddles are easy, others more difficult.     If you're stuck, you can scan a QR code to get some help.   

The game is set up so that each group succeeds in the mission. 

Typically for escapes


Number of players

3 till 8 persons



100 € + 5 € p.p. (free under 8 years)



100 % success rate