Experience an unforgettable day out with our bicycle trailer full of padlocks.    Unlike an indoor escapegame, there is no time pressure so you can take your time to crack the escape riddles and in the meantime enjoy the beautiful nature and heritage of Plugstreet and the surrounding area.  


35 euros per person.

The following items are included in the price :

- rental bike

- a soft drink at the end of the day

- 2 little surprises in the escapebox for during the day

- gadget/souvenir

What to bring ?

- Your smartphone with a fully charged battery.   A powerbank can be handy.      

- Your picnic because there isn't a food- or drinketablissment the first hours of your tour.

- Please pay in cash or with the bank app on  your phone. We ask a guarantee of 100 euros for the trailer and 50 euros by bike.   


Success rate ?

Some riddles are easy, others more difficult.     If you're stuck, you can scan a QR code to get some help.   

The game is set up so that each group succeeds in the mission. 

More information

We provide regular bikes and tandems.     

You can use your own bike but we do ask that one person uses our rental bike because the bike trailer is attached to it.   

An electric bike can be rented but then the price is 50 euro for that person.  




Number of players

3 till 8 persons



35 € per person (from 3 players up) Kids under 8 year: 5 € (bike not included)



100 % success rate