About Us

I am the "Handy Harry" on duty. All the mechanisms you manipulate are made by me. It's not like we control the game from behind our computer. Everything is operated by you during the game itself.

I love creating an immersive experience in an escape game. That's why our escape games aren't limited to just opening padlocks; you will actually experience a story.

I am your hostess on duty.

You can describe me as a creative jack-of-all-trades bursting with ideas.

All the escape games are my creations, and I strive to come up with original concepts each time. You will always experience a story born from my imagination. I also personally designed the decor and the puzzles.

In addition to being the contact person for reservations and welcoming you before your mission starts, I am also your game master. If you're stuck on a code, I’ll give you a nudge in the form of a hint that appears on the countdown screen during the game. A bit of frustration is part of an escape game, but the goal is not to leave you stuck. The fun still comes first.

Lastly, I also create custom escape games. From a detective story for the Police Days in Comines to an escape game in a corn maze... all proposals are welcome.